Full Papers: More than 9 pages and up to 15 pages, without counting references

Janus Wawrzinek, José María González Pinto, Philipp Markiewka and Wolf-Tilo Balke:
"Do Scaling Algorithms Preserve Word2Vec Semantics? A Case Study for Medical Entities"

Luiz Virginio and Júlio César Dos Reis:
"Automated Coding of Medical Diagnostics from Free-Text: the Role of Parameters Optimization and Imbalanced Classes"

Ghanshyam Verma, Alokkumar Jha, Dietrich Rebholz-Schuhmann and Michael G. Madden:
"Using Machine Learning to Distinguish Infected from Non-Infected Subjects at an Early Stage Based on Viral Inoculation"

Silvio Cardoso, Marcos Da Silveira, Ying-Chi Lin, Victor Christen, Erhard Rahm, Chantal Reynaud and Cédric Pruski:
"Combining semantic and lexical measures to evaluate medical terms similarity"

Alokkumar Jha, Yasar Khan, Qaiser Mehmood, Dietrich Rebholz-Schuhmann and Ratnesh Sahay:
"Linked Data based Multi-Omics Integration and Visualization for Cancer Decision Networks"

Short Papers: More than 5 pages and up to 9 pages, without counting references

Markus Stocker, Manuel Prinz, Fatemeh Rostami and Tibor Kempf:
"Towards research infrastructures that curate scientific information: A use case in life science"

Lena Wiese, Chimi Wangmo, Lukas Steuernagel, Armin O. Schmitt and Mehmet Gültas:
"Construction and Visualization of Dynamic Biological Networks: Benchmarking the Neo4J Graph Database"

Victor Christen, Ying-Chi Lin, Anika Groß, Silvio Domingos Cardoso, Cédric Pruski, Marcos Da Siveira and Erhard Rahm:
"A learning-based approach to combine medical annotation results"

Andreas Friedrich, Luis de la Garza, Oliver Kohlbacher and Sven Nahnsen:
"Interactive Visualization for large-scale multi-factorial Research Designs"

Svetlana Gerbel, Hans Laser, Norman Schönfeld and Tobias Rassmann:
"The Hannover Medical School Enterprise Clinical Research Data Warehouse: 5 years of experience"

Marjan Najafabadipour, Juan Manuel Tuñas, Alejandro Rodriguez and Ernestina Menasalvas:
"Lung Cancer Concept Annotation from Spanish Clinical Narratives"

Vincent Henry, Ivan Moszer, Olivier Dameron, Marie-Claude Potier, Martin Hofmann-Apitius and Olivier Colliot:
"Converting Alzheimer’s disease map into a heavyweight ontology: a formal network to integrate data"

Poster Papers: More than 5 pages and up to 9 pages, without counting references

Samaneh Jozashoori, Tatiana Novikova and Maria-Esther Vidal:
"A Knowledge-driven Pipeline from Transforming Big Data into Actionable Knowledg"

Brandon Malone, Alberto Garcia-Duran and Mathias Niepert:
"Knowledge Graph Completion to Predict Polypharmacy Side Effect"

Guillermo Palma and Maria Esther Vidal:
"Discovering Samples of Entities in a Knowledge Graph"

Maria-Esther Vidal, Kemele M. Endris, Samaneh Jozashoori and Guillermo Palma:
"Data Integration for Supporting Biomedical Knowledge Graph Creation at Large-Scale"

Demo Papers: 5 pages without counting references. The paper should clearly describe the demonstration and includes the link to a live demo or a video.

Kemele M. Endris, Maria-Esther Vidal and Sören Auer:
"FedSDM: Semantic Data Manager for Federations of RDF Dataset"

Marc Halfmann, Holger Stenzhorn, Peter Gerjets, Oliver Kohlbacher and Uwe Oestermeier:
"User-Driven Development of an Innovative Tool to Support Molecular Tumor Boards"

Lars Vogt, Roman Baum, Köhler Christian, Meid Sandra, Quast Björn and Peter Grobe:
"Using Semantic Programming for developing a Web Content Management System for semantic Phenotype Data"

Rüdiger Busche, Henning Dannheim and Dietmar Schomburg:
"DISBi: A flexible framework for integrating systems biology data"

Special Issue on “Data Quality of Life Sciences”

Authors of the best papers will be invited to submit an extended version of their papers to the Special issue on “Data Quality on Life Sciences”  of the ACM Journal of “Data and Information Quality (JDIQ)”