November 21, 2018 : 11:00 - 13:00

"Using Machine Learning to Distinguish Infected from Non-Infected Subjects at an Early Stage Based on Viral Inoculation."
Ghanshyam Verma, Alokkumar Jha, Dietrich Rebholz-Schuhmann and Michael G. Madden.

"Automated Coding of Medical Diagnostics from Free-Text: the Role of Parameters Optimization and Imbalanced Classes."
Luiz Virginio and Júlio César Dos Reis.

"A learning-based approach to combine medical annotation results."
Victor Christen, Ying-Chi Lin, Anika Groß, Silvio Domingos Cardoso, Cédric Pruski, Marcos Da Siveira and Erhard Rahm.

"The Hannover Medical School Enterprise Clinical Research Data Warehouse: 5 years of experience." Svetlana Gerbel, Hans Laser, Norman Schönfeld and Tobias Rassman.


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