Thursday, 11.

10:00 Introduction to FAIR research data & software management & development (see last year's recordings)
11:00 Best practices in version control with Git (reiterated in the following R lessons)
12:00 Lunch
13:00 Turning R scripts into function-based programs
16:30 Wrap-up
17:00 End

Friday, 12.

8:00 Documenting and testing functions
12:00 Lunch

Packaging, archiving and citing R software

16:00 Wrap-up

Collaborative notepad

Share URLs, bits of code, jot down questions or notes, etc.:

Installation of Software

Presumably, you have Git and R already installed because you are using them already. If not, please follow the instructions for "Bash Shell", "Git" and "Text Editor" on and those on

If you need help with the setup, or with any R or Git basics, please attend our FAIR Study Group events before the workshop.


Claudia Beleites (Chemometrix GmbH), Najko Jahn (SUB Göttingen), Raniere Silva (University of Manchester & Software Suistainability Insitute), and Katrin Leinweber (TIB)