James Littlejohn

Edinburgh Napier University - United Kingdom

Photo James Littlejohn

James Littlejohn became an Associate of the Cyber Academy at Edinburgh Napier University in July 2016.  Previously he worked as an independent consultant advising on blockchain opportunities in the area of science and health.  An early adopter and developer using bitcoin, ethereum and maidsafe etc. He setup dsensor.org that is building a blockchain specifically designed for the needs of science.

His interest in Peer to Peer technologies developed during his Economics degree from Aberdeen University in 1995 which he followed with three entrepreneurial ventures in fintech, e-commerce and text data mining.


Dsensor.org peer to peer science
May 11, 2017 12:00 - 12:30

The talk will start with an introduction to the ideas behind a computationally active living knowledge network secured by a science blockchain.  Next a proof of concept demo will be presented highlighting two uses cases. The first will show how a 'traditional'

way of conducting science can fit into a living knowledge protocol and the second will show the use of the Dsensor Mapping Protocol to automatically validate the outcomes of science.

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