FOSTER Book Sprint

Authoring collaboratively a Handbook for Open Science Training in just five days

From 12-16 February 2018 FOSTER and TIB will bring together Open Science trainers and educators to collaboratively author a training handbook.

What works, what doesn’t? How can you make the most of limited resources? Our authors will create a handbook that equips future trainers with methods, instructions, exemplary training outlines and inspiration for their own Open Science trainings. The handbook will provide Open Science advocates across the globe with practical know-how to deliver Open Science principles to researchers and support staff.

The handbook will be produced in a book sprint, meaning to create a finished book in just a few days. Our team of 14 experts will have five days to prioritize topics and to actually write the training handbook. The new training resource will be accessible online. Comments and other contributions will be possible after the book sprint.

Open Science Fellows Program-Workshop

From 15-17 February 2018 the Open Science Fellows of Wikimedia Deutschland, the Stifterverband and VolkswagenStiftung conducting a half-time-workshop that is part of the Open Science Fellows Program, in collaboration with TIB as a scientific partner.  

The Open Science Fellows Program-Workshop is about discussing benefits, real-life work experience and practicalities of Open Science approaches to (young) researchers and institutions. While gaining lots of opportunities to exchange their insides on Open Science during barcamp sessions, the participants are going to develop their own “tool-kit” on how to implement Open Science on institutional level within academia.

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Watch this video to see how book sprints work.

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